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BeaDy K Artisan Jewelry

About Makers Tools...

If you are looking at this page then you are probably a maker of some sort.  And you probably like tools!  The Artisan Tool Caddy and the Bezel Shapers by BeaDy K were both designed with you in mind. 

Many of my students don't have a dedicated studio to design and make in.  They would complain about having to move back and forth from room to table to dining room to living room and back again!  All the while carrying their tools and the little tool holder they had in separate trips.  Voila!  The Artisan Tool Caddy came to the rescue. 

The Bezel Shapers are a metalsmith or wire wrappers best friend!  For making a traditional bezel for soldering or a frame for wire working or just for getting a shape started or making a tight corner Bezel Shapers by BeaDy K are exactly the ticket.  Easy to hold at 3/4" thick they make this kind of work a breeze.

Check out the template book too! Tons of shapes!

I am sure you will love these makers helpers as much as I do! 

by BeaDy K