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BeaDy K Artisan Jewelry

Triangles Squared Graphite on Enamel Pendant

Triangles Squared Graphite on Enamel Pendant

This pendant is 1 1/2" square and 1 3/4" across from tip to tip. The pendant, prior to setting, is domed copper that has been torch fire enameled front and back. The back is enameled for strength in a dark blue, The front was first torch fired with white enamel, then an original drawing done in graphite pencil, torch fired again, and then hand painted with enamel and fired again. The piece is set in sterling silver held in with prongs. Turn it over and you will see a unique design in the back with a small disc of hammered bronze in the center.

This original artwork is hanging on a 18" sterling silver 1.8mm Omega chain.

All handmade, original and one of a kind.