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Templates for Lapidary and Jewelry Design

Templates for Lapidary and Jewelry Design

13 crystal clear pages of templates for lapidary and jewelry making! Templates include 47 Unique Shapes and 195 templates of different sizes. Included notebook contains all of the most popular shapes for lapidary work from basic to more challenging. As a silversmith myself, I use them for my metal cabochon work. I trace the shapes on to my sheet metal and then saw them out.

The crystal clear of the plastic makes it simple to see when you draw multiple shapes on stone or metal without overlapping designs.

Smiths! Check out my Bezel Shapers too. Personally handmade by me of the most popular shapes used in my metal cabochon classes. Saw out the shape from your template and then wrap your bezel wire around the bezel shaper for the outside dimension!

** All pages have a protective film on both sides when you receive them. Pictures shown still have the film on them. Please remove before use to expose the clear plastic.