"Eye of the Storm" Necklace

Image of "Eye of the Storm" Necklace

This unique pendant holds a Shiva shell, also known as a Pacific Cat’s Eye or Shiva Eye shell, in 6 sterling silver prongs. The delicate spiral is exactly centered on the front of the shell. The Shiva shell is laying on a decorative back of sterling silver allowing the wearer to see the swirls of color on the backside of the shell. The bail is hand stamped with delicate spirals to match the Shiva shell below and has a subtle green Aventurine stone set atop it.

This stunning pendant hangs from a 16" sterling silver cable neckwire. For added drama there are 10 removable handmade African glass beads in varied sizes and complimentary colors strung onto the neckwire. They can be removed altogether or you can where some or all of them on the neckwire...the choice is yours.

Completely handmade and one of a kind.