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Nephrite Jade Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring with beaded bezel Size 5 -10

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Nephrite Jade Adjustable Sterling Silver Ring with beaded bezel Size 5 -10

This ring has an “Incan” jewelry feel and look to it with the antiqued sterling silver that has been beautifully textured on the outside with a “star flower” design. On the unique adjustable band is set a 10mm round stone of Nephrite Jade. The stone is a dreamy green mottled with black mineral specks and lighter yellow-greens deep inside of it. It is surrounded by 2 beaded bands of sterling silver giving it a presence that is hard to ignore. The setting atop your finger measures a generous ¾” in diameter.

My adjustable rings come with a 4” tall ring stick. This will enable you to size your ring up and down without distorting the shape of the ring shank, keeping it nice and round. Fingers swollen? Size it up. Cold outside? Size it down. Just in the mood to wear it on a different finger? Go ahead. And protect the shape of your ring while changing your mind. Instructions included. (Super simple). Oh…you can also store your ring right on the stick…how convenient!

Be assured that when you are wearing this ring you will get lots of complements. You will be the only person in the world wearing a ring just like this. It is handcrafted by me, is unique and one of a kind. It is exciting and rewarding to be able to make jewelry that speaks to it's wearer. Maybe it will be handed down as an heirloom to other generations. That's what this Nephrite Jade ring speaks to me. I really hope you enjoy wearing it for years to come.