Ford Fever

Image of Ford Fever

Got paint? The 'stone' in this ring is actually layer upon layer of paint from the Ford plant in Detroit, MI and it is called Fordite. It is a rare find and makes a very light ring for such an impressive size of ⅞” in diameter! Some gem cutters got hold of slabs of paint removed from the plant when the painting process changed from hand spraying to powder painting prior to the 1980’s. They then cut them like any other stone to expose the beautiful layers of paint. There is a finite amount of this ‘gem stone’ since the painting process is now mostly done with robotics. This is a true conversation piece.
This conversation piece is set atop an adjustable band of sterling silver that has been textured with an unusual hand stamped pattern.

My adjustable rings come with a 4” tall ring stick. This will enable you to size your ring up and down without distorting the shape of the ring shank, keeping it nice and round. Fingers swollen? Size it up. Cold outside? Size it down. Just in the mood to wear it on a different finger? Go ahead. And protect the shape of your ring while changing your mind. Instructions included. (Super simple). Oh…you can also store your ring right on the stick…how convenient!