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"Catching Rays" Fused Sterling Silver Necklace with removable Pendant

"Catching Rays" Fused Sterling Silver Necklace with removable Pendant

The “Space Junk” collection is an ode to my family of pilots…Army, Air Force, Navy and NASA and my own early fascination with UFO’s and the sky!

All of the jewelry in this collection is made by fusing sterling silver to sterling silver with the heat of my torch. The longer I heat the silver the more ‘heat texture' there is in the silver. One of the hallmarks of fusing silver together is being able to turn the piece over and see the same pattern on the back of the piece.

Every piece is one of a kind and contains different elements of my interpretation of OUTER SPACE! The sun, moon, stars, meteors, light rays or floating ‘space junk’ can be seen on the panels of each piece.

This 2 piece necklace consists of the chain and a removable pendant. The chain is stunning all by itself! It begins at the back of the neck with a hook and eye closure. There is an extender chain with a faceted bead of Labradorite that can be used to make the necklace longer by about 2 inches, if desired. From each side of the closure is the wire chain that has been stamped by hand with a unique texture. From the wire hangs 3 panels of sterling silver that give this piece its name, "Catching Rays". Lots of rays!

The pendant has a gorgeous stone of carved Labradorite. The blue, green and yellow flashes of color when the light hits this stone, called labradorescence, is breathtaking. The pendant hangs from a decorative hook in the back of the chain is easily removed if you don't really want to be noticed...because you definitely will be with this necklace!

This Statement Necklace hangs approximately 20" when wearing the pendant and about 18" without the pendant. The pendant measures 2" long and 1 3/4" wide. OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Handmade. Original. One of a Kind.