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BeaDy K Artisan Jewelry

Bezel Shapers by BeaDyK

Bezel Shapers by BeaDyK

These wooden bezel shapers are perfect for metalsmiths and wire workers.

Start a bezel by picking a matching shape to your stone and then wrapping your bezel strip on it. Loosely wrap the strip around and then place it on your stone to complete it for size. The bezel shapers are tall and assure that you don’t collapse the bezel strip, keeping it straight up and down, to place on your backplate prior to soldering.

Wire workers can use these shapes for easily making unusual frames and then filling them in with wire, beads and stones. It makes it fast to make identical shapes for repeat designs.

22 Assorted shapes in assorted sizes:
(4) Circles 1 ⅜, 1 ½ , 1 ⅝, 1 ¾
(3) Trefoils
(3) Shields
(6) Rectangles
(4) Ovals
(2) Squares