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Artisan Tool Caddy

Artisan Tool Caddy

This tool caddy holds 32 tools, 24 in the base and 8 in the convenient handle. Yes, the handle! You can now place your tools neatly in this handmade all wood caddy and then carry it from place to place in your home or studio. You won’t have to worry about tools falling out or having to unload and reload the caddy! The holes in the handle are extra-large to accommodate wider handles, slim handled hammers and even metal shears (pointed down).

*Do you take classes where you need to take your own tools? This caddy will pack nicely in your luggage. When you get to your class set it on your station with all your necessary tools neatly at hand. Trust me, there will definitely be Tool Caddy envy around you!

Measurements: 14.25” L X 5.5” W X 11.75” H